About IV sedation dentistry

  • What is IV sedation dentistry?

    Iv sedation means that an IV is used to administer  a sedative drug in the hand or inside of the elbow. While the patient is sedated, minor to extensive dental procedures can be done while the patient is totally relaxed!

  • How does IV sedation work?

    IV sedation medication is delivered through a very small needle placed in either the top of your hand or within your inner elbow. Many people have a fear of needles.  Usually it feels like a small prick. If the patient would like we can relaxe the patient with nitrouse oxide, and we can place topical anesthetic on the area of injection. Many times the patient does not even remember getting the IV

  • Sedation Benefits?

    Iv sedation is not general anesthesia. It is a form of sedation where the pt is completely relxed in the dental chair. The pt may fall in a light sleep but can be easlily aroused with verbal comands. Anxiety is completly ereased. Fear of the visit is gone, and the patient  usually remembers very little about the visit.

  • How will the visit proceed

    The  patient will be extensivly monitored for safety and will never be left alone. The IV will be placed and the dental procedures can be performed in a state of complete relaxation. The dentist will be able to control exactly the level of sedation needed the entire visit. The patients safety is the primary concern. The patient will need a ride home and should plan on resting the rest of the day.  Daily activities can continue the next day. The patient should not eat or drink 6 hours before the visit.